Hello internet. I’m a preachers kid raised in church my entire life and was always taught to serve and use your gifts for God, family and the world.

I come from a musical household. My mom and sisters sing while my dad was a musician. Thankfully I got both talents. I’ve been playing piano since I was about 6 and have only recently stopped professionally.

I’m a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in computer science. I’ve worked multiple IT jobs that range from telephone support, onsite repair, all levels of helpdesk, implementation consultant, programmer, ETL developer… You name it I’ve most likely done it.

I joined my current church about 8 years ago and became involved with the media ministry. My dad loved photography and I got that bug from him and my aunt as well. I’ve always dabbled with video and always thought it connected with music since music could get you emotionally. Video could do the same engaging even more of our senses.

After a few months helping the media ministry with technical issues, I proposed that we record the church’s annual revival. After a surprising result in our product, I was made the acting president of the media ministry and as of 12/2018 I have been the president for 7 years straight.

In that amount of time, we moved our media ministry from making cassette tapes (we were still doing this in 2010!!!) to making CDs, to DVDs to finally offering our services on our website, YouTube, Facebook live and available through on-demand services like Vimeo. We went from donated standard definition camcorders to a full multi-camera HD video switching system capable of displaying scripture, lyrics and any imaginable content to our congregation and world through social media platforms.

Around October of 2017 in my prayer time, God spoke to me and told me to resign from being a musician and to pursue media ministry full-time.

This website is apart of that vision. I hope to help other people who were in the same position as me or want to transform their media ministry seeing that it is no longer a nice thing to have but a necessity.

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