This is an ever growing and changing page with all of the tools I’ve collected over the years to grow and improve my home church’s media ministry as well as all the other churches I work with.

I’ve also included some highly recommended products that we still to this day use and I’ve also included links to the exact same presentation computers and live streaming computers that will take your church live stream to the next level with rock solid, stable performance for any event you choose to share online.

Free Resources

Discounted Resources

Recommended Gear

Manned Cameras

PTZ Cameras (pan, tilt and zoom)

Continued Learning

4-M.E. is a community focused on building and educating your volunteer media ministry. I was never formally trained in the tasks needed for the media ministry and most aren’t. Our goal is to empower your volunteers to reach and grow your media ministry to a higher level. Join today it is completely FREE

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